PTBO Rider Profile: Michael VanDerHerberg

Name: Michael VanDerHerberg
Twitter: @vanderherberg, @ride4africycle

Michael VanDerHerberg and Andrea, the love-of-his-life and wife, bike touring up in the Bruce.

How long have you been riding?
Consistently since 2003

How do you use bicycles in every day life (where/why do you ride)?
I commute on bicycle to work from Perry Street to Sherbrooke Street everyday of the year. I use the bicycle as a utility trailer for orders at the Silver Bean Cafe every morning from Tuesday to Friday from May 1st until Thanksgiving weekend. I deliver catering orders for the Silver Bean Cafe occasionally.

What bicycle(s) do you normally ride (let us know all about them)?
Marin Larkspur, beautiful hybrid commuter bicycle which is fast enough for my pleasure and strong enough for my work.

What is your approach to bike clothing?
Everyday wear for everyday use. Spandex for my road bike.

What do you want to say about riding bicycles in Peterborough?
Riding your bicycle is a great way for you to connect to your community.

What would you like to see happen in Peterborough in relation to cycling?
More people on their bicycles. Greater respect about sharing the road from both drivers and cyclists. Maintaining and building more trail networks. Getting the East City bridge back up.

Anything else to share?

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