May means Workplace Shifting Gears

Only seven days until the start of the Workplace Shifting Gears Challenge!

May is a great month in Peterborough. May has Victoria Day, which means that Spring really, really, really is here. The Silver Bean Café opens on May 1st. And, May is the month for the Shifting Gears Workplace Transportation Challenge!

Shifting Gears is a month-long transportation competition and campaign in the City of Peterborough encouraging people to leave their cars at home and use sustainable ways to get to work: walk, bike, take transit, share a ride, or work from home. The 2012 Shifting gears program is packed with great incentives and great events to help get more people to join in. It is a fun, city-wide, community event.

Shifting Gears highlights include Bikefest, a celebration of all things cyclelogical on Wednesday, May 16 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm in Millennium Park, and a Guaranteed Ride Home Program, which will get you home in an emergency.

Sign up yourself and sign up your friends and co-workers to make the 2012 Shifting Gears event the biggest ever.

Full details are on the Shifting Gears Website. You can also check out their Facebook page

Sign up and ride on!