PTBO Rider Profile: Kemi A

Twitter: @kemi_akapo

image of @kemiokapi
Kemi takes a break while showing a friend how to ride down at Little Lake

How long have you been riding?

Off and on since 2003. Consistently since 2010

How do you use bicycles in every day life (where/why do you ride)?

I bike to get to work (Trent University) & to get around town (going downtown, visiting friends, grocery shopping, etc).

I ride because it’s faster than walking! It’s also great for the environment and a good way to get exercise. Additionally, it’s a lot of fun!

What bicycle(s) do you normally ride (let us know all about them)?

Norco VFR 4 bike, it’s a Canadian company, buy Canadian when possible! I’ve only got one and it’s a hybrid, great for zipping around town or for the longer road trips.

 What is your approach to bike clothing?

Depends on where you’re headed.  Zipping around town, I’ll wear whatever I’m wearing for my destination. If I’m biking to work, comfortable clothing and change into work clothes when I get there.  If I’m going on a longer road trip, spandex all the way.

Ride in whatever feels the most comfortable for you.

What do you want to say about riding bicycles in Peterborough?

I love cycling around town there are many great trails.

What would you like to see happen in Peterborough in relation to cycling?

More people cycling. More bike lanes. More awareness of cyclists by drivers in cars. Bike racks on the busses

Anything else to share?

Go Habs!

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