Cycling = Health: One Man’s Story, by the Numbers

On this, the last day of Peterborough’s Workplace Shifting Gears campaign, many of us are thinking about the many reasons we ride bikes. Here and elsewhere on the Internet, there are scads of posts outlining why people ride. Many are short and punchy and, like the “Why We Ride” series on this blog, build their case point by point and as a whole function as a convincing argument supporting biking.

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The post “How Mykill Got His Fat Butt On A Bike and Postponed Certain Death,”, over at Fat Cyclist, is different. It is a rich story. A story of how one man went from ~265 lbs to under 200 lbs and lowered all sorts of other bad health indicators by changes in his habits. One of the biggest changes was adopting the bike as a key part of his life. The post seems to work well because is an interesting blend of personal observations about his life and hard numbers on his health. Something for the feelers and the thinkers.

It is a convincing and inspiring story.

If you need another reason to ride, especially if, like me, you are carrying around too many pounds, read it and then get on your bike.

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