Good Samaritan Makes Up for Street Vandal

I’d noticed this pretty red Raleigh Mixte on my way to dinner at St Veronus one evening last week. I passed quickly and didn’t get a good look at the bike. On the way back, I did stop to look longer and was horrified to see the back wheel was all bent, probably the work of some street vandal. The bike was a sad sight.

Image of Red Raleigh Mixte bike

The bike didn’t move for a few days and I had forgotten about it when I noticed the following picture on the twitter feed of Michael VanDerHerberg.

It turns out someone had anonymously donated a new wheel and tire to the bike’s owner and the owner had written a note thanking the donor. While it is difficult to make out all the words, it is clear the owner is very happy.

If anyone knows more about the story, it would be great to fill in the gaps. Send us an e-mail or make a comment below.

Well done whoever donated the wheel!