A Thunder Bay Family’s Video Bike Advocacy

Thunder Bay Family makes their message to City Council via YouTube video

Ask most people about cycling advocacy, they would probably think of the more “in-your-face” types of displays or discussions lead by cycling groups from large urban centres. In reality, most advocates for more bike friendly cities and roads are people who just love to bike and are concerned for their safety and health and worry about the downsides of our automobile-centric society.

For anyone who doubts that real families were part of the cycling advocacy community there is this great video shot by one Thunder Bay family asking their city council not to vote to remove bike lanes and to support more cycling infrastructure.

Sure, it is a little fuzzy, but it is real, it is passionate, it is great. No protests. No charts full of facts and figures. No negativity. Just one typical family and some of their friends making a heartfelt message to their city council (love Mom, the director/cinematographer/narrator). The toy car scene at the end is perfect (especially when the bike falls over—truly fitting). They even add in an environmental message at the end.

Thanks Whalen family!