Peterborough Transit Proposals: Public Meeting Wednesday Night

Public meeting to collect comments on Draft Transit Operations Review to Council

Where: Envinrude Centre
When: Wednesday, September 19, 2012, at 6:00 PM
Why: Collect public response to Draft Transit Operations Review.

It is a busy week for civic-minded cyclists. First there is the 2012 Peterborough Cycling Summit, Thursday night 7 to 9 at Market Hall. Second, there is a public meeting to gather public response to the City’s Transit Operations Review, which was published earlier this year. While not all cyclists may be direct users of transit, cyclists definitely have an interest in the quality of transit in the City.

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The City will hold a special meeting of Committee of the Whole to review public feedback on the Transit Operations Review document. To gather this feedback, all interested parties are invited to attend the public meeting and provide comment on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at the Evinrude Centre, 911 Monaghan Road, Peterborough, Ontario.

The draft plan can be viewed on the Transit section of the City of Peterborough website, or, directly, here. An executive summary is also available.

Peterborough Transit has been working with Dillon Consulting Limited over the last 9 months on a Public Transit Operations Review called “The Route Ahead”. The purpose of this study is to conduct a comprehensive review of Peterborough’s transit services and to develop a service plan covering the period 2012 – 2017. This included an assessment and recommendations on conventional fixed route transit, Transcab and Handi-Van services.

Over the past decade ridership has grown by 62 percent, and while this is a great story, there is clearly increased pressure on the system. Make your observations known. Effective transit means fewer cars on our roads, equitable City access for all citizens, a holistic and balanced approach to transportation and a more livable City.

There is also an unofficial (non-City) Facebook page for the event that nicely encapsulates lots of the report suggestions (way to go Elaine and Maryam!).

Those unable to attend can still send their comments via their City councillor.