Peterborough County Passes Transportation Master Plan Update

Active Transportation Options are in the mix

After more than a year of planning, public consultation and revision, the County of Peterborough has passed its proposed transportation master plan. The local cycling community got a look at some of the preliminary ideas related to cycling at the 2012 Peterborough Cycling Summit through a presentation given by Chris Bradley, County Director of Public Works (see, also, Evan Holt’s great coverage of the summit). At the summit, Bradley did indicate the Airport Road project was proceeding already (to many appreciative nods!).

At the final presentation to County Council, active transportation was recognised as part of the process. Doctor Rosana Pellizzari, the Medical Officer of Health for the Peterborough County-City Health Unit, spoke of the increasing levels of obesity among Canadians and the need to include active transportation in the plan.

Report from CHEX News, Peterborough.

Proposals were shared with the public through three sets of public consultations. The last set of active transportation options were outlined in the third round of consultation documents (see page 15).

While the plan has been adopted, the sequence of implementation appears uncertain, although some problem intersections are obvious starting points. If you want to see cycling improvements and are a Country resident (or perhaps a business user), let County Council know your position.