A 2014 PTBO Cyclist Holiday Wish List

What every Peterborough cyclist would like to see under the tree this year

The Peterborough Bicycle Advisory Committee (P-BAC) had a holiday wish list in their December Newsletter. It is worth repeating.

2014 P-BAC Holiday Wish List graphic

These are all reasonable ideas if we are to see cycling become an integral part of our transportation network.

1: Approved and Fully Funded Downtown Cycling Master Plan

In the downtown core, where right-of-way demands are greatest and most diverse, detailed facility designs and clear timelines are necessary to ensure future bikeway development occurs in a deliberate, continuous, and timely fashion. The creation of a Downtown Cycling Master Plan would advance this goal in a meaningful way.

2: Approved and Fully Funded County Active Transportation Plan

2014 County of Peterborough transportation master plan identified the development of a County Active Transportation Plan as the next step in furthering the development of walking and cycling facilities on County roads. P-BAC believes that the development of an Active Transportation (AT) Plan is an important goal to support continuous facility planning across townships.

3: Complete Streets Principles Integrated into Plans and Projects for City, County and Townships

In 2014, Peterborough County-City Health Unit developed a Complete Streets Position Statement which was presented to City and County Councils as well as all eight township councils. 2015, P-BAC hopes to see the continued integration of these principles into all relevant business processes and documents.

Do You Agree?

If you support any of these, let your elected officials know. If they don’t know how people feel about support for cycling, they won’t act.