“bikePTBO” is a modest website and blog about cycling in Peterborough, Ontario. Here, you’ll find links to all things cycling in Peterborough: advocacy, news, tips, resources, groups, shops, bicycle culture and more. The site also features links to web resources on recreational and commuter cycling and the bicycle as personal transportation. Like the attitude to cycling it promotes, this blog is pretty casual.

While the blog will sometimes agitate for an increased profile for bike culture, the intent is to promote cycling as a integral part of everyone’s lives, not to create any sort of “us vs them” attitude (be it “bikes vs cars”, “racers vs commuters”, “lycra vs wool” or “carbon vs bamboo”). In an increasingly bitter and partisan world, mutual respect and understanding is both welcome relief and a more effective path to cooperation, safety and, above all, fun cycling. We all need to share this planet, this city, the roads, the trails…the bike racks.

Input, ideas, comments and additions are always welcome. Crowdsource contributors even more so.