bikePTBO Profiles

Everyday Peterborough cyclists, one story at a time

To help show the richness that is the Peterborough cycling community, we would like to build a series of Peterborough cyclist profiles (sort of like the old bike commuter profiles at Eco Velo).

Would you consider participating?

If so, cut and paste the suggested outline below into an email, edit to your heart’s content and send it to us.

Be sure to include a picture, either in the email or, best of all, as a link (especially if there are other pictures there).

You can add to bikePTBO in other ways, too.

—————————cut, paste and edit/delete/add to your liking———————-

twitter/facebook/instagram/pintrest/ user names/IDs
(add other social media links you want folks to see)

How long have you been riding?

How do you use bicycles in every day life (where/why do you ride)?

What bicycle(s) do you normally ride (let us know all about them)?

What is your approach to bike clothing?

What do you want to say about riding bicycles in Peterborough?

What would you like to see happen in Peterborough in relation to cycling?

Anything else to share?