Bike Commuting Series at “Loving the Bike”

In which a new bike commuter writes about his experiences mixing bikes and work.

We are big fans of Loving the Bike, a website (superBlog?) dedicated to all things bike. Besides the eclectic range of articles each day, we especially like their #bikeschool (a live chat on Twitter every Thursday night at 9pm EST), their nicely categorized list of bike blogs and the wide range of subjects they cover (including nutrition). Yes, it somewhat leans to road racing but there is just so much good stuff for everyone that it is still of interest to the everyday cyclist.

Back in December, 2011, they began a guest series of articles on Bike Commuting, featuring Aaron Madrid. Aaron is himself new to bike commuting so his stories are particularly useful to beginners or those thinking about starting to commute by bike. There are some good observations for even the more seasoned bike commuter. As of early April, 2012, they were up to five articles, with more planned.

The series is here, or you can start at the first installment.

Good reading.