Online petition for better bike infrastructure and laws

Online petition seeks better legislation and planning for bikes and bike-related infrastructure

Under the category of e-activism is this online petition, sponsored by asking the Ontario Government for more bike lanes and better planning for bike infrastructure.

Here is the text of the petition. If you support this, go here to add your name.

Dear Mr. McGuinty,

In the absence of appropriate infrastructure in our cities and the consequence of fatalities and injuries in collisions between motorized and non-motorized vehicular traffic, we submit a proposal for legislation for Alternative/Complementary Transportation.

Sustainability and livability in Ontario cities have been drastically compromised due to inconsistency in urban planning and lack of mobility management. The effect has been a disproportionate impact on economics, health, safety, and environmental repercussions.

Both levels of Government have overlooked and undervalued costs and benefits in conventional transport economic evaluation. Transportation imbalance and failure to integrate alternative modes of transportation have contributed to road congestion, healthcare costs, lost productivity, environmental decline.

Thereof, this is to request a review for new Acts, law, or changes to the Provincial Policy Statement under the Planning Act to introduce Provincial Legislation for Alternative Transportation Infrastructure in our cities.
“Municipal governments install bicycle lanes on existing and new Municipal roads to constitute a “Cohesive and Integrated Cycling Infrastructure.””

“Consistent Cycle-Transit integration with GO, Public Transit, on trains and buses.”

This will be in accordance with Places to Grow Act – Ministry of Infrastructure, Move Ontario 2020, to take cars off roads – Ministry of Transportation, and the Provincial Policy Statement – Planning Act – Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

The online posting at also provides background reasoning for the petition.