Bike Spotting: Friday Evening Meals and Wheels

A pleasant evening downtown is just full of bikes

One of the great things about Peterborough is its amazing collection of restaurants, especially those around the downtown. So it is especially exciting when a new establishment opens. We have decided to enjoy a family end-of-week get together by checking out the newly opened “Le Petite Bar” on Water Street at the top of booksellers’ row (twitter feed). A great evening turns out to be a great opportunity for Bike Spotting.

The bike admiring starts out early with this Raleigh Sprite. A good-looking bike, maintained in very good condition, this one is interesting as it is a larger men’s frame version with derailleurs. Most Sprites we come across are women’s bikes with Sturmey-Archer hub gears.


Heading up to Le Petite Bar, the traffic is flowing home. Several bikers are among the traffic stream. This rider, moving well with the traffic and then waiting at the light caught our attention. The bike and rider looked both stylish and business-like, especially with the well-packed pannier. Handsome efficiency. We didn’t get a better look at the bike before the light changed and the rider was gone.

waiting in traffic

The meal at Le Petite is wonderful. Good food, good wine, good service, good company. And the place is just full of people having an enjoyable meal. After admiring the overall feel of the place and the ceiling light fixture (it looked very Thom or Wright inspired), we couldn’t help notice this bicycle print high on the wall opposite (hence the grainy zoom shot).

Bicycle Print

After the meal (did we mention it was amazing?), just out in front of Le Petite, we come across these two Trek Bellevilles seemingly locked in a loving embrace. They are a perfect couple: one blue, one white. We take some time to admire the great paint jobs, dual racks, dynamo hubs, coordinating tires and wide, wide, albatross-like handle bars. Nice bikes. The picture is made more complete when, later in the evening, we meet the delightful owners as they are about to head home.

image of two bikes

The evening is rounded out, bikewise, when we pass this Green Electra Townie on the way home. Cool colour on a cool comfort bike.

image of Electra Townie bike

It is another great evening out in Peterborough. Made all the better for the interesting bikes along the way.