Don’t Door Me Tee!

“Don’t Door Me” teeshirt gives you that ambulance feel

One of the main worries of the city cyclist, especially the commuter cyclist, is getting doored. Fortunately, in Peterborough, the areas you are likely to get doored, mostly the downtown, are small. Vigilance is always the best defense against getting doored. You need to continually monitor the line of parked cars for a) cars that have just stopped and b) cars with people in the left hand seat. Keeping a safe distance (not always easy to do) and watching traffic coming up behind you, so you have an escape route, are also important. Here is, perhaps, another tool in your protection arsenal.

don't door me tee
“Don’t Door Me” Teeshirt from Threadless Tees

While we are not really sure they would work while riding (if the driver doesn’t look behind them at all, how are they going to see the shirt?), this tee shirt is a thought-provoking message that may raise overall driver awareness on the importance of checking behind you before opening the door into traffic. Flipping the colours might have been a good idea: yellow is more visible and dark tees, while they tend to look cooler, usually aren’t when it comes to the heat factor.

Either way, the tee would make a fun addition to the riding collection (assuming you aren’t a high-tech fabric only type of rider).