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Great infographic outlines the health benefits of riding

Yesterday’s “why we ride” post looked at the health benefits of cycling. Poking around the ‘net on the topic revealed this great infographic from healthcaremanagementdegree. It looks at a variety of health benefits connected to cycling and does it using quickly absorbed and easily understood visuals. And it is just packed with tiny nuggets of interesting information. It’s worth reposting here.

What is interesting is the link between cycling and the economy. Investments in biking save health dollars. With governments (especially those of the Rob Ford mentality) short on cash and health spending making up the largest portion of government spending, you don’t need an economics degree to see the value in bike investments. Again, some of Peterborough’s powers-that-be get it (expansion of bike trails), others are w-a-y behind in their thinking (expand the Parkway), still stuck in the 1950-60s when gas was cheap and cars ruled the road.

And again, this does not mean we think cars should be banned. We need cars. We just think we need them less (and need our health more).

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Biking And Health
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