Bike Spotting: Red Bullet Tank Retro

Eclectic PTBO Peddling Pix

When colleagues visit from out of town, it is customary to take them out and about in Peterborough’s fine downtown. Last week, while heading into Gerti’s for dinner with some folks from the Sault, we came across this red Electra Indy up against the street-side rail. Its owner was behind the rail sharing a few beers and deep discussions with friends.

link to image of Red Electra Indy

The owner was quite happy to take a quick break from chatting with his friends and talk about the bike. It has a very comfortable riding stance for running around town and is easy to ride. It runs well and, yes, the comments on the retro look and hot colour are quite easy to take, too. The bike was nicely complemented with a colour coordinated non-stock rear rack. Style and function. Always good.

Another patch in the Peterborough bike quilt.

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