The Bicycle Opera Project to Perform in Peterborough

Opera meets social justice in this bike-powered cultural feast.

The Bicycle Opera Project will be performing at the Silver Bean Café on July 2 at 7:30.

Conceived by two bicycle-commuting opera singers merging their love for the operatic repertoire with their passion for contemporary social issues, The Bicycle Opera Project is dedicated to bringing fantastic, new, timely Canadian music to communities across Ontario…by bicycle!

Bicycle Opera Company

Traveling by bicycle from Toronto to Peterborough, Cobourg, Picton, Kingston, and Gananoque, performing in concert halls, and in intimate and unusal spaces (think converted barns and art galleries), they bring new Canadian opera scenes to audiences across southern Ontario.

A homeless seagull, a woman who is slowly losing her motor control, a hilariously awkward meeting that results in marriage, a boy whose father might never come back, two girls who rescue their teddy bear from zombie pirates—these are some of the many characters and situations that come to life in this production.

Demythologizing the idea of “the opera singer” (apparently they get dirty too!) and operatic traditions (who says contraltos and Campagnolos can’t mix?), developing a strong, grounded, creative team where singers and instrumentalists are equals, and providing a car-free alternative to touring, the company is excited to produce a unique theatre experience!

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The Bicycle Opera Project strives to:

  • bring music by Canadians to Canadians who might otherwise have little opportunity to hear it,
  • close the distance between audiences and opera singers through performance in intimate spaces such as converted barns and galleries,
  • bring opera outside and into the everyday world through busking and guerilla art,
  • demythologize the idea of “the opera singer”, and
  • provide a car-free alternative to touring.

All six operatic scenes are by living Canadian composers and librettists, and have been adapted for guitar, violin and accordion. Alternately poignant and whimsical, heart-wrenching and apt, they address mental health issues, broken families, love in the nuclear age. They tell of a homeless seagull, a hilariously awkward meeting, a boy whose father might never come back, two girls who must rescue their teddy bear from zombie pirates.

Featuring musicians Nadia Chana, Larissa Koniuk, Rebecca Bruton, Gabi Charron-Merritt and Alex Samaras, and works byAdam Scime, Christopher Thornborrow, Brian Harman, David Brock, Anna Höstman, Michael Albano, Juliet Palmer, Julie Salverson, Darren Russo, and Anusree Roy. this hour-and-a-half program is all in English and is an ideal first-time opera experience.

Tickets are $20 and are available online by following this link: or by calling 647-785-4935.

The full tour runs from June 30 – July 10 and tickets for the other shows on the tour are available by following these links:

Toronto: June 30, 8 pm | Rustic Owl Cafe, 993 Bloor St. W (Former Jonah Schein NDP Office)

Cobourg: July 4 TBA (Coming soon! check their website for more details)

Belleville: July 5, 7:30pm | Gallery ArtPlus, 54 North Front Street

Prince Edward County: July 6, 7:30 pm | Fields On West Lake, 15786 Loyalist Parkway

Kingston: July 8, 3 pm | Sydenham Church, 82 Sydenham Street

Gananoque: July 10, 7:30 pm | Gallery VAGA, 125C Water Street

Tickets are also available by calling 647-785-4935.

What you can do to help:

  • Reserve your tickets ASAP (there are a limited number) and tell all your friends!
  • Volunteer at a show.
  • Go to our Indigogo page here to make a donation.
  • Do you have contacts in any of the tour destinations? Help us find places to stay!