Bike Spotting: Bikes for thristy riders?

Are the new downtown bike racks the modern day version of the hitching posts outside the olde saloon?

So, here is a shot of the new bike racks in downtown Peterborough. It is early Friday evening at the start of the July 1st long weekend and it has been one hot day. Lined up as they are outside The Old Stone brewpub and its open front, the scene is just too reminiscent of those old cowboy movies and the horses hitched up outside the olde saloon. Sure, the cinematic image is probably a historical fiction, but the idea is a kind of a nice one.

Bikes at the Olde Stone

Bikes sit outside the Olde Stone Pub on George Street in Peterborough, Ontario

Especially if you can accompany it with a pint of Wilde Olde Ale (or something similar).