CPR Bridge Pathway—Not All Councillors are Supportive

Let your City councillors know how you feel about bridge pathway

After a quiet spell since our last update on aPTBOpeddler on June 7th, the pedestrian pathway on the CPR bridge on the Otonabee River is suddenly back in the news. In two separate articles in the past week, the Peterborough Examiner outlined that a $2.5 million dollar fix was ready to move forward with the awarding of a deal to come up with the design. This was followed up a few days later with news that some councillors were uneasy with the cost of the rebuild and upgrade.

image of closed CPR bridge pathway (from Peterborough Examiner)
Gap in city walking network forcing many to break the law
(image from Peterborough Examiner)

While our update from City Hall back in early June seemed to suggest the design was nearly in place, we, and nearly all City cyclists, are just happy that the project is moving ahead. The report that the proposal called for design improvements, especially widening the pathway, is welcome. While an opening date before spring of 2013 would have been nice, it would be highly unrealistic. The fact remains that the project will move forward.

Or will it? In the second article, the Examiner noted several councillors are not so supportive of the pathway reconstruction. Specifically, councillors Dean Pappas (Town Ward) and Andrew Beamer (Northcrest) were quoted as having concerns over the costs of the project and if it was a priority. Councillors Keith Riel (Ashburnham) and Jack Doris (Monaghan) were both noted as supporting the project. Where other councillors stand is unclear.

What does seem to be clear is that some City councillors do not get how important this link is to so many people in this City. With the issue due to come up at council in a few weeks, we, as members of Peterborough’s cycling community, need to do all we can to change that.

If you support the City spending to replace this pathway. Please take the time to contact our Mayor and councillors to let them know how you stand on this topic. Contact information is here.

Remember: be respectful, be factual, be persuasive and make it clear you are a concerned Peterborough citizen, not a hysteric one (from watching council meetings, it is clear they get enough of those). The arguments supporting the restoration of this missing link are many. Let all councillors know what they are. Mostly, they just need to understand that you think it is a priority for the City.

Do it…now.