Bike Spotting: A Red Rocket

Custom Bullhorn Fixie lust

I’ve been admiring this bike for many weeks now.

It all says lean speed.

Let’s tally it up: Steel; great geometry; custom wheels; fixie with chain tensioner; minimal but very functional fenders, pursuit bars, cork bar ends; lean and mean brakes, Brooks copper. The frame is clearly older, butted steel, with a pump nipple on the head tube and lever lugs on the downtube. The forks have a nice rake.

It all points to a fast sweet ride. Not in a road bike sort of way, but more a get where you need to go in town, quickly, efficiently and with personal style.

red rocket

I happened to meet the owner one afternoon and asked about the bike. It had, indeed, been custom assembled, with hand-built wheels and selected components. Current set up was fixed, but with a view to several possible gearing permutations. He clearly had thought his baby out. Interestingly, he is a volunteer at B!KE, the Peterborough Community Cycling Hub.

red rocket

More pictures at Tumblr.

The thing made me want to be taller. So I could ride it. Fast.

Bike Spotting is a series of photographs of interesting everyday bicycles in and around Peterborough. Do you have such a bike or images of it? Send us the links or the images. We’d love to share it (and the story behind the bike).