Bike Spotting: Vintage Dutch

Very Classy Dutch Bike Still Making the Daily Commute

One of the classiest bikes in Peterborough must surely be this vintage Eroba Amsterdam. The Eroba bike company was founded in the 1930’s and produced many great bikes until over-expansion caused the company to fail in 2000-2005. This example is obviously from the good years as here it is many years later, still going strong and making the daily commute for its owner.

The bike is one of a pair the owner’s parents brought from the Netherlands. Her father still rides the other one. It was great to get some pictures down at the Silver Bean Café one afternoon.

Vintage Eroba

The bike is a little rusty and the paint chipped in spots, but this somehow adds to the charm of the bike. Rather than making the bike look old, the age details make it look venerable and trusty. You don’t have to be shiny and bright to get the job done.

Vintage Eroba

Full metal chaincase has taken a bit of a beating over the years but still does the job.

Vintage Eroba

Eroba headbadge detail. Eroba means: the Echt Bicycle, parts and tire factory = de Echter Rijwiel, Onderdelen en BAndenfabriek (via Eric Wiersma Flickr Photostream).

Vintage Eroba

Fork detail

Vintage Eroba downtube

Downtube detail

It is great to see such a classy bike still in everyday use.

More pictures at Tumblr or Flickr.

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