A Bike Returned

There is no better feeling than having your stolen bike returned to you. If you read this blog regularly, you’ll remember my story from this spring, when i wrote about having my Trek bike stolen out of my garage.

Every Stolen Bike Has A Backstory, Here is One

When the bike disappeared, I broadcast the loss around town, hitting up places where it might turn up. This proved to be an invaluable act.

Getting ready to 'Trek' downtown

Over the past few days, through a series of events, my bike was returned to me. Recently, the bike was brought by it’s new “owner” to Wildrock for a repair. At this point, the folks at Wildrock noted the bike, took some pictures, made the repair and gave the bike back to it’s owner. I was contacted by Wildrock, asking for the serial number for comparison sake. It proved to be a match, and at this point the police were contacted. After some investigation by the Peterborough Lakefield Police, i received a call telling me i could pick the bike up at Wildrock. What great news.

That afternoon, i walked downtown during a break in what was a very rainy day. Once at Wildrock, after having given thanks to the awesome folks in the bike department, i hit the street for what turned out to be a very rainy ride home.

Best ride ever!

Thanks to all the folks in the bike department at Wildrock for taking note of the bike and for sticking their necks out. I bought the bike there, and trust me, i’ll be buying my next one there too.

Also, having registered the bike with the Peterborough Lakefield Police, at the time of purchase was also invaluable. I highly recommend that all bikes are registered and stickered properly.