By-law review for Active Transportation: Bikes, Boards, Skates and E-bikes

Peterborough is reviewing by-laws related to bikes, skateboards, skates and e-bikes. Make your voice heard.

The City of Peterborough is conducting a review of several by-laws that regulate active forms for transportation (such as cycling, skateboarding, skating, and e-bikes). These by-laws govern such things as bike licensing, where bikes can drive and the use of skateboards and skates on roads. City staff have conducted research into potential options regarding the use of sidewalks and roads by these modes of travel. Current by-laws prohibit all these modes on sidewalks and roads, except for bicycle and e-bikes, which are permitted on roads.

The City would like to hear your concerns relating to the existing by-laws and would like to know what solutions you favour. This is an important opportunity to contribute to the development of by-laws that support active transportation in our community!

The city has prepared a backgrounder document that explains what is under review and some options.

Some things under consideration:

  • Should we continue to have bike licensing?
  • Should we allow cycling on sidewalks?
  • Should we allow e-bikes on sidewalks?
  • Should we allow skateboards and skating on roads?
  • Should skaters and boarders be allowed to use bike lanes?

Do you have other ideas on these by-laws? Should the City consider other options? It’s up to you to make your voice heard. But how?

You have several options: a public meeting, an e-survey, e-mail or good old letter writing.

Public Meeting Thursday, November 1st

You can attend a public information session scheduled for today, Thursday, November 1st, 2012

5:00pm – 8:00pm
Simcoe Street Transit Terminal
190 Simcoe Street

Participate via e-survey or write with your thoughts

Can’t make the public meeting? You can still participate. But you have to do so by Friday, November 16!!!!

1: Take a short online survey.


2: Send your written submission (or your questions, if you have any) to:

Susan Sauvé
Transportation Demand Management Planner
City of Peterborough
705.742.7777 ext 1458

Read the backgrounder, collect your ideas and let your opinion count!