A Sidewalk is Not a Trail

No matter how big you build it, it is still a sidewalk

Parkway proponents suggest that a road and a trail can share the Parkway Corridor. This totally misses the point of the current trail. The value of the Parkway Trail is that it lets you get AWAY from roads. Away from the noise; away from the worry of being hit; away from the mechanised movement. The trails gets you into the quiet; into connecting with the environment around you; into a more relaxing and healthy state of mind. This cannot happen when the trail is beside a road.

The post “It’s a Glorified Sidewalk, Not a Trail” over at the Friends of Peterborough Trails website explains it all very well.

They use two of our videos in the post, and we show them here too.

Act Now!
If you oppose the development of the Parkway as a road, you must act! While various groups and individuals are attempting to fight the Parkway through the Parkway Corridor Class EA process, City Council has shown it does not always listen to logic and really only responds to one thing: pressure from voters.

Here’s how we create that pressure:

Support public interest groups
Friends of Peterborough Trails [Website] [Facebook Page]
Friends of Jackson Park [Facebook Page]

Contact the Mayor and Council
Write, call or otherwise contact your council and Mayor Bennett now! Indicate how their vote on the Parkway may (or better yet WILL) affect your vote in the next municipal election.

Find their contact information in our Ptbo Politics page or below are two lists you can cut and paste into your e-mailer, assuming it accepts either the semi-colon delimited and comma delimited format.

dbennett@peterborough.ca; dmcwilliams@peterborough.ca; lparnell@peterborough.ca; hclarke@peterborough.ca; jdoris@peterborough.ca; bjuby@peterborough.ca; dpappas@peterborough.ca; kriel@peterborough.ca; lvass@peterborough.ca; arbeamer@peterborough.ca; bhall@peterborough.ca

dbennett@peterborough.ca, dmcwilliams@peterborough.ca, lparnell@peterborough.ca, hclarke@peterborough.ca, jdoris@peterborough.ca, bjuby@peterborough.ca, dpappas@peterborough.ca, kriel@peterborough.ca, lvass@peterborough.ca, arbeamer@peterborough.ca, bhall@peterborough.ca

No Parkway
This is one of a series of posts outlining Why the Parkway is a bad idea.