Please, be Reasoned, Respectful and Concise

We welcome comments on the material on our site, even if it does disagree with our opinions or positions. When you do comment, however, please keep a few things in mind. If you want to spume off and rant about something, make unsubstantiated claims, spread gossip or call someone names, please go elsewhere, such as the comment pages of SunMedia. They seem to thrive on that sort of stuff.

Be reasoned. When we post content here, we back it up with why—the reasoning and logic behind why we take a position (and feel free to call us on it if we don’t). If you are going to comment, we don’t really care if you think x or y, we want to know why you feel that way. Why would another reader want to agree with you? Why would we want to agree with you?

Be Respectful. One of the key tactics of those with weak positions or weak minds is to attack the person, not the idea. If you can’t accept that others have differing opinions, then post elsewhere. Prove your point and your intellectual ability by tackling the issue not the person.

Be Concise. Make your point, back it up with reasoning and leave it at that. The quicker, the better. If nothing else, more people will read all of your comment.

Comments not following the above points will not make it to the blog. Thank you.