Bike Blogs

Bicycling websites authored by individual or collective bike enthusiasts

Lovely Bicycle
This is an eloquent, thoughtful and knowledgeable blog about the joy and value of bikes. While emphasis is on the classic and the handmade, this very attractive blog gets at the soul of personal cycling. Written with style, panache and a very good ear. Interesting to see how the author started out as something of a bike novice and grew (really grew) from there (reach back to the beginning if you can). Post rate: every few days.

A very unique and very uplifting bike blog out of the Boston area. Written by a woman who clearly enjoys biking and life, has a great sense of humour and style and relates all of these with great cartoons. In her words, “I have a sense of humor and a bicycle. I exercise both as often as possible”. While serious about safe cycling, this blog is a great counterpoint to the too-often encountered (albeit somewhat understandable) anger-inspired content of other bike blogs. Visit this one last so you can head out with a happier attitude. Post rate: weekly

I Bike T.O.
A rich blogging collective of Toronto riders. Intelligent bike advocacy. Dense. Detailed. Dynamic.


Bike Snob NYC
In his own words, “Systematically and mercilessly disassembling, flushing, greasing, and re-packing the cycling culture.” Sharp, acerbic and usually spot on the mark commentary of all things urban and bike-related. Literally packed full of embedded links to other great reading. Post rate: 15 to 30 posts a month.


Let’s Go Ride a Bike
Another thoughtful, stylish, great-to-read blog put together by two women, one from Chicago, one from Nashville both of whom make everyday biking as big a part of their lives as they can. Loaded with great photographs, heaps of humour, a good eye to style and lots of eclectic subject matter, the blog examines bike life from a number of perspectives. Includes an obscenely long bike blog list. Post rate: 15 to 30 posts a month, but quiet since March 2015.


Eco Velo is a very informative and visually appealing cycling blog. The authors focus on making cycling an everyday part of life and I find their quiet and thoughtful approach to sharing how they do this very engaging. The site is a nice mix of product reviews, commentary on bike riding, great bike images and an extensive range of profiles on all sorts of bike people around the world. While the site does contain a range of advertisements, the opinions given are very independent. Post rate: Eeek! Sadly, as of December, 2011, the authors of Eco Velo have decided to suspend posting. The site, which has tons of good posts, will stay up for a few years.


London Cyclist
Again, a very thoughtful blog on city cycling. Good writing and (generally) thoughtful comments. Content is London-centric, but has application well beyond the UK. Post rate, nearly daily.

Bike Rumor
Rich, enthusiast-written bike website that focuses on new bike technology. Includes news, features, articles, blog and plenty of images. Post rate: daily.


The Incidental Cyclist
“Being an account of a woman who gave her bike a name.” Personal biking blog of a woman in Ottawa, Ontario. Nice mix of observations on living a bike inclusive life. I find myself thinking, “yup, done/survived that” quite often. Post rate: 5-10 per month.


Take the Lane
Bike blog by Bill Bean, who used to run this blog out of the Waterloo Area Record. Focus on bike safety, cyclist road accidents and deaths and the usual bad response by the government and legal systems. Post rate: every few months.

Ice Bike
Eclectic bike blog written by eight bike enthusiasts from around the world. Features articles about technique, velo-lifestyle plus some interviews. Started as a blog about winter cycling and grew from there. Post rate: unclear.