Bike Education

Websites or specific pages where you can learn more about cycling. Emphasis on how to ride or improve your riding skills.

Feel free to send us your favourites.

London Cyclist
Complete guide to safe cycling page at London Cyclist. A good collection of safe cycling ideas for cyclists and motorists. UK-written, but ideas apply to North America and terms are easy to understand (and flip from left to right).

How to Choose a Bike
Ten factors to consider when choosing a bike, according to science. From Jen Reviews.

The Definitive Guide to Safer Cycling
Tips for safer cycling. UK-based, but lots of good ideas.

The Path Less Pedaled
Ride Bikes. Travel. Do Good. Website devoted to travelling by bike and bike tourism as a key part of a diverse and rich local economy. Full of great ideas on where to go, how to go, what to take and how to promote cycling tourism. Includes a very enjoyable blog. Post rate: several times a month.

I Love Bicycling
Website geared towards cycling for beginners with road cycling tips, training articles, nutrition tips, weight loss, how to’s and bike repair articles. Post rate: several times a month.

Bike Safety Tips at Home Advisor
Safety tips for commuting by bike, bike safety and laws, top biking cities in the US and a range of bike resource links.