Peterborough’s twitter community is wide and very active. Like any creative city, there are many tweet peeps who promote, support and tweet about cycling. Here, in no particular order, is a list of some of those people.

Peterborough Cycling Hashtag: #bikeptbo
The hashtag “#bikeptbo” is humbly suggested for Peterborough related bike tweets, in keeping with the worldwide list of city-based “#bikecity” bicycling hastags. Road riders often tweet under the #ptborides hashtag.

Peterborough Bike Tweeters
@vanderherberg Michael VanDerHerberg
@jacksoncreek Jeffrey Macklin
@jmrbritton James Britton
@keithbeats Keith Anderson
@Kris_Sieber Kris Sieber
@PtbBikeAdvisory Peterborough Bike Advisory Committee (P-BAC)
@Ptbomoves Peterborough Moves (Alternative Transportation)
@CyclingHubPTBO B!ke: the Community Bike Shop

Can we add you?

Report or search for stolen bikes in Peterborough on Twitter: @stolenbikesPTBO.

We also have to give credit and a big round of applause to @Ptbo_Canada for their early support of bike-related tweets and their excellent social media coverage of everything PTBO.

Search Twitter for #bikeptbo now.

#bikeptbo tweeter list on Twitter.